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A well-known and elaborated test method is required for properly assessing a test result. In each accredited laboratory the documentation of the test method shall include at least:

  • detailed description of the test steps
  • instruments used and their settings
  • chemicals
  • tools used
  • methodology for evaluating the results

At least the following parameters depend on the chosen test method:

  • selectivity
  • linearity
  • sensitivity
  • detection limit
  • robustness
  • rigidity
  • accuracy
  • precision
Most of the parameters are necessary only for the internal lab operation.
The test method and the uncertainty associated with the test are of great significance for the customer.

Functionalities of the application (Imperium LIMS) related to the testing method:

  • independent testing methods can be defined
  • multiple testing methods can be assigned for a single test
  • no new test has to be defined for if you want to measure with another testing method
  • testing method can be assigned to controls
  • testing method can be selected at manual result entry
  • testing method can be defined for instrument
  • testing method and uncertainty can be displayed on the report
  • reference ranges depends on the selected testing method